About Us

I’ve worked in the corporate arena for more than four decades. Long hours, with little or no time to enjoy life and travel. I’ve transformed all that experience into a lifestyle. I’ve learned that success is really not measured by how great you are at building your employers wealth, but how well you do in building your own. I’ve found that niche, and it has become extremely rewarding. I’m leading the charge in cultivating a more back to basics and well-respected outlook on the Direct Sales Industry.

Trust is the emotion of relationship marketing. You have to earn it. It comes from consistently doing what’s best for your people. When you listen to people and truly understand their personality, you have the ability to help inspire them to greatness. The reward for me is way more than just financial. Good people want to work with good people, and represent a good company.

It is my belief and conviction that as more like-minded, genuine people enter and thrive in our industry, the more prosperity we will ALL enjoy!

Specialties: Life/Business Coaching, Mentoring , Social Media Consultant, , Motivational Speaker, Author

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